Siege: Context & Consequence

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The Siege of Londonderry and the Emergence of the Modern World.

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This is a two day symposium with leading academics, in two parts. First we look at the context leading up to this momentous time. Then we look at the consequent impact of both Siege & Revolution on the course of history to the present day.

St Columb’s Cathedral starting at 2pm Friday 31st May, Keynote Speakers in First Derry Presbyterian Church 6.30pm 31st May/1st June, and during the day the programme in First Derry Presbyterian Church Saturday 1st June will start at 10am.

Speakers include Professor Tim Harris of Brown (USA), Professor Jane Ohimeyer, Trinity College Dublin, Professor Tony Claydon, Bangor University Wales, Professor Ian McBride, Kings College London, and Professor Steven Pincus, Yale (USA), among others. This is a truly great gathering of experts speaking on a truly fascinating period of history.

Neither the Glorious Revolution nor the Siege of Londonderry just happened. This was a tumultuous time of change. Too often the events in Ireland are seen in a local context. Yet the ending of James’s hopes at Londonderry also sounded the death knell for feudalism in Europe.  Now was an age of world finance and trade, of free thinking and a free press: where there were no absolutes and no inevitabilities.

There is no cost to attend the presentations. We would request that people register interest on the website to enable us to plan for tea and coffee.

There is a charge for joining us for lunch on the Saturday 1st June: cost £6 per ticket which you may be purchased through the Millennium Forum Box Office online or by calling 028 7126 4455.

There are also a limited number of places available to join with the speakers for a Symposium Dinner at the Beech Hill Hotel on Friday 31st May at 8pm: costing £35 per ticket, which may be purchased through the Millennium Forum Box Office online or by calling 028 7126 4455.

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