Benefits Of Using Multiple Screens

Most of the web designers are known for their productivity and fondness for technology. Hence, to increase productivity and efficiency of their work, these professionals keep looking for technological solutions so that it helps in improving their workflow. Let us look at some of the advantages.

Positive Aspects of Multiple Screens

  • For any profession, having multiple screens can actually contribute in increasing productivity. Usually, designers follow a workflow type which requires a number of programs at a time. They mostly use triple monitor stands which maximize the advantage of three monitors. This helps to rotate, tilt or adjust the height of the monitors.
  • Imagine a situation where you have to keep flipping back and forth an Illustrator, Photoshop or maybe some FTP application, Internet browser and an HTML editor. It is very obvious that you will require more than one program opened. Thus, the multiple screens can help in running these programs at a time and this will be less painful in juggling and hence, more productivity.
  • With the help of multiple screens, it can be very feasible for you to be in contact with the outer world as well. You can be connected to your customers and even you will be accessible to your professional network. You can have your work going on in one screen and on the other screen you can check your emails or any other site anytime without disturbing your work.
  • It can make data sharing very convenient. For example, codes can be copied from one application to another. Using a second screen these all can be streamlined. It is more convenient to move from one screen to the other rather than accessing a number of applications on a single screen.
  • If you want to compare different design versions or if you want to perform tests in multiple browsers then it is easier if you work on multiple screens.